What to do when a person dies?

Arrangements after death

There is no greater loss than the death of a close and dear person, and a stranger will not understand it. The magnitude of the grief that overwhelms and continues to overwhelm again and again is not an experience that words can describe 

In some cases, the mourning is violated by the operative needs which dealing with the death requires. Those who remain here are forced, in addition to the burdensome grief, to also deal with technical matters such as preparation for burial, the burial itself, and sometimes also the transfer of a person for burial purposes to another country different from the country in which he died. 

Most people don’t know what to do when someone dies, especially when it’s a first-degree family member, God forbid. In preparing for burial there are quite a few tasks that require treatment, especially if the place of death and the place of burial are not in the same country – which requires a complete and additional set of complex operative treatments. At such a geographical distance – a professional escort provides a full and comprehensive solution and above all one that will free you from the burden.

Father passed away, what do you do if you have to fly his body?

If the children or the wife of the deceased decide to hold the burial in another country where he died, the transfer procedure is complex, requires approvals and a lot of bureaucracy, and adds a great deal of mental difficulty to a familiar family in mourning. A professional company that specializes in the subject will be able to take care of all the necessary arrangements for you.

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What to do when a person dies abroad and his relative are interested to bury him in Israel?

When a person dies across the border and the family members wish to have him buried in Israel, you can contact us directly or through the insurance company. 

We are engaged in treatment, preparation, and accompaniment for a funeral, thus trying to reduce the suffering that comes with grief and loss even a little. 

After we receive a private request or through the insurance company, we make contact with the company’s representative who is at the same destination abroad, and from that moment we begin to initiate the steps of the process to complete the transfer and everything it requires. In the first step, we handle the requirements for issuing the necessary certificates in the deceased’s country of origin. Certificates These are approvals from government bodies and therefore require familiarity with the process, the language, and the local bureaucracy. At the same time, we also work in Israel with the Kadisha company and with an ambulance to transfer the body from the airport to the burial place, to obtain the necessary approvals in Israel. 

To transport the body in its entirety, it must undergo an embalming procedure, and in the case of the death of a Jewish person, purification must also be performed. We perform embalming, purification, and body preparation as required by the relevant airline. We handle the transfer of the body by flight, through customs, and security on the way to Israel. 

The treatment process for the deceased whose body must be flown from Israel for burial abroad 

To handle the flight of a body from Israel to another country for burial purposes, you can contact us directly, through an insurance company, or through the social workers of the hospitals. Flying a body for burial purposes abroad requires approval from the Abu Kabir Legal Institute, a death certificate from the Ministry of the Interior, approval for embalming carried out by the company, flight, document translation, apostilles, notary approval, as well as certain countries, and depending on the requirement, require approval from the state embassy in Israel. 

If desired and necessary, the society conducts the necessary ceremonies, and in the case of a deceased Jew who has flown abroad, the society performs purification.

What do you do after the death of a family member?

Death is a difficult event even if there is time to prepare for it and the operational preoccupation does not ease the grief. In the event that it is necessary to fly the body from or to Israel for burial, the bureaucratic requirements of the cumbersome procedure are even more miserable. 

“Menucha Laad” is a company that specializes in handling the requirements for international transfers of people on their last journey. Arrangements after death in case of flying to another country require dealing with bureaucracy in a foreign language, issuance of permits from various sources, preparation of the deceased for burial also according to religious customs and purity in Judaism, including embalming for preservation and carrying out the transfer itself, including the flight and customs and security clearances. 

For more information contact us at one of the following phone numbers: 050-521-2464, 03-6872929, 30-6399990, or at the email address [email protected]. To continue reading and learning about the process itself, continue browsing the website by clicking here.

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The process of transporting a deceased person is a complex one, requiring great dedication alongside expertise and professionalism. The process is even more complicated when the deceased is Jewish, as according to Jewish law, it is crucial to bury the deceased as quickly as possible without any delay. This is the basic principle and guiding line in Jewish burial.
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באבלכם, תנו לנו לדאוג לכל הפרטים והביורוקרטיה,
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