Transfer of deceased from abroad to Israel

The Menucha La’ad company has over 40 years of experience in transporting the deceased from abroad to Israel. Menucha La’ad has representation everywhere on the globe. In order to receive a fast response and answers to any questions, contact us.

When a relative dies abroad, far from the family, whether Israeli or not, the distance itself constitutes a major problem, resulting in paralysis.  In addition, beyond the event of the death, there is a need to organize the funeral and the actions accompanying it. Who will organize it? How should it be dealt with? How do you make sure that it is dealt with in a suitable and reliable manner? How do you make sure that the price is reasonable and not blackmail? That the deceased is treated with due respect, etc.? For this, Menuha La’ad is at your disposal to organize the funeral and arrange the transfer of the deceased from abroad.

As is known, in the State of Israel, National Insurance finances the full cost of burial for every Israeli citizen with rights, and/or every deceased person in Israel regardless of race, gender, or religion. 

One should distinguish between two kinds of transfer of deceased for burial in Israel: ​

Transportation of the deceased to Israel in a fast way with the experience and professionalism of Menucha La'ad

Menuha La’ad has connections and collaborates with burial companies from around the world, both Jewish and non-Jewish, in organizing transfer to Israel. The company’s motto is reliable, professional and courteous service; hence, the company will do everything in its power in order to provide reliable and mainly professional service in the transport of deceased from abroad. The company undertakes all organization and execution required for and connected with organizing the funeral and carrying out transfer of the deceased from abroad.

In transferring a deceased person from abroad, the most important thing is confirmation of a place of burial in Israel, given by the Hevra Kadisha or burial company.

Confirmation may be obtained for free for those entitled burial in Israel at the expense of National Insurance, and for the purchase of a place of burial by those not entitled. Issuing an official certificate of death at the Ministry of the Interior: The confirmation shall be transferred to the Israeli Embassy, to approve transfer of the deceased.

Handling by the company shall include:

Receipt of power of attorney to transfer the deceased.
Receipt of information on the event and on the deceased.
Receipt of confirmation on the place of burial in Israel.
Getting in touch with a representative of the family at the place of death.
Giving the representative power of attorney to arrange the transfer of the deceased to Israel.
Handling of the deceased shall be done in accordance with the family’s wishes.
Embalming/purification/dressing of the deceased.
Coordinating a date for transfer of the deceased.
Receipt of payment for carrying out the transfer.
Receiving the coffin at Ben-Gurion Airport, transporting it to the place of burial and organizing the funeral and burial.

Additional information and cost:

There are a number of factors which impact the cost of transporting the deceased from one place to another, including – the weight of the casket, the flight distance and whether or not it is a direct flight. Our company operates efficiently and professionally to ease the burden on the family of the deceased at the most difficult moments and does everything to ensure that the cost is reasonable.

For further information on transporting the deceased and flying bodies from abroad, contact the staff at Menucha La’ad: +97250-5212464

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