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In recent years, the tourism industry has developed greatly both in Israel and around the world.
Airlines and travel companies offering packages at discounted and affordable prices have entered the market and made the sky more open than ever. Anyone who wants to travel abroad – for whatever reason – can book a flight and accommodation at a hotel in advance and can also make a spontaneous decision and travel within a few days of making the decision.

It is very important to pay attention to the terms and conditions specified by the travel company in the contract that the customer receives after booking, as there may be clauses that have a connection to the possibility (or inability) to cancel or change his booking.

Types of Overseas Travel Insurance Policies

Types of Overseas Travel Insurance Policies

Due to the changes that have taken place in the world of travel, there have also been quite a few developments in the field of travel insurance abroad and today there are several types of insurance policies that need to be known about before making this important purchase.

The three main and most important categories in the world of travel insurance are:

Insurance that protects the passenger when canceling the trip (or some of its components) for any reason

insurance that is less related to the issue of health but to cancel at any time from the date of purchase of the travel components until about a day before the trip itself.

Health insurance during the trip

protects the passenger while he is out of the country, in cases where he had to use such and other medical services during the vacation, or additional services after death.

Insurance for the luggage and property of the passenger

insurance that is expressed in the event that the luggage of the passenger is lost, stolen or that his belongings are not present when they arrive at the destination. In this policy you can also insure valuables that are interested or need to travel with.

It is very important to know the different types of insurance in order to know which policy should be purchased, i.e. which policy will best cover the passenger in any case that may happen and he wants to prepare for it. 

It is important to know that in any case the insurance does not compensate or return a full amount as paid by the passenger but a certain percentage of the cost or one amount or another as it is increased in the various policy clauses

It is very important to devote the necessary thought time in order to purchase the necessary and appropriate insurance, to select or subtract the clauses that are less appropriate or relevant and to make sure that this or that policy is indeed appropriate for the specific trip.

Personal insurance for each passenger

In many cases, it is not possible to discard or compare people’s policies, as there are travel insurances that are built individually for every passenger. Some people have one health condition or another that they must declare before traveling in order for the insurance company to give its approval to cover cases related to the medical condition in question.

It is important to answer in all honesty the questions related to the health condition in order for the policy to be available to the passenger and protect him in case he needs it.

And as with any other issue – it is recommended to seek advice if you are not sure what insurance will be needed.



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