Transferring bones to Israel

Transferring bones to Israel for burial - how to do it?

The transfer of a person’s body to a country different from the country in which he died for burial near his death, or flying a deceased can be for reburial. Usually, in a second burial, it will no longer be a corpse but what remains of it, meaning only itself, which also belongs to a different preservation treatment for the flight.כלל, בקבורה שנייה, זו כבר לא תהיה גופה אלא מה שנשאר ממנה, כלומר עצמות בלבד, מה שיצריך גם טיפול שימור שונה לטיסה.

Transfer body for burial in Israel

Sometimes the need arises or just the desire to remove bones from a person's grave and transfer them to another country. Especially among Jews, there is always a yearning to be on the holy ground, if not in our lives, then in our deaths. For many ages, burial in Israel was a distant dream for many Jews and today, after we already have a state and the descendants have established themselves and taken root, many people have the resources and possibilities to fulfill a dream and through the procedure of transferring the deceased from abroad, bring the bones to Israel and carry out a renewed burial on the holy land.

What is the meaning of transferring a body for burial in Israel?

Transferring a body from abroad to Israel requires a great deal of bureaucracy, and dealing with various interfaces - in a foreign language. Starting with locating the exact burial place in the current country where the person's bones are located, handling the opening of the grave, preparing for the flight, and preserving the bones during it, through obtaining all the necessary approvals in the destination country as well as in Israel, booking a flight, insurance and meeting the requirements of the airline for carrying out the transfer and the burial itself, of course. Equally important is to locate and ensure the reliability and professionalism of the team that will handle the removal of the bones and prepares them for the flight while meeting the requirements of the approving authorities - that is, the airline and the two countries between which the transfer is being carried out.

Burial in Israel for a foreign resident

If the person whose bones are brought up for burial in Israel is Jewish, he will be buried within the boundaries of the cemetery. However, unlike the citizens of the State of Israel, he will not be entitled to receive a grave plot financed by National Insurance, which means that it will be necessary to purchase a grave plot for him independently. A similar law applies to a non-Jewish deceased whose bones are taken to Israel for burial purposes. The bones will be buried in a non-Jewish cemetery, according to the religion of the deceased, while the grave plot itself as well as the burial expenses will have to be paid privately. 

The process of flying a deceased person is complex and complicated even when it comes to a person who has just passed away, and even more so when it comes to the transfer of bones that often require verification and additional dealings because there is difficulty in proving the exact place of burial. Beyond locating the place of burial and handling everything necessary for the preservation, including embalming and purification, during the flight and bringing them for reburial in Israel, flying a deceased person to Israel requires the issuance of all the necessary documents in Israel, including approvals from the Kadisha company or the non-Jewish burial care company, and approval of the ambulance that will transport the bones from the field The airport to the cemetery. In addition to this, all the necessary permits must be issued in the country from which the bones are transferred while dealing with a different mentality, in a foreign language, and by remote control.

Cost of flying a body from abroad

The cost of flying a body to Israel is made up of many variable factors, including the destination country and the length of the flight, whether the flight is direct or not, the weight of the coffin, the amount of staff that handled the entire procedure, and more. 

The choice of a professional company that will carry out all that is required to carry out the flight of a body or bones is a choice that will allow us to effectively deal with a huge load of technical, bureaucratic, and administrative requirements in a period that is not easy, also from the distance of time and the right to be buried in Israel.

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