Transfer of deceased

The death of a close person is a difficult event mentally, which is immediately followed by technical and bureaucratic matters in order to bring the deceased for burial. The challenge increases when the need arises for the transfer and flight of the deceased. To assist you in the process, the services of Menucha La’ad, which specializes in the transfer and flight of deceased persons from abroad to Israel and from Israel to abroad at your services. Our company has over forty years of experience at a high level, reliability, efficiency and sensitivity. The company provides service to any destination abroad and for any type of burial requested, with full organization and handling of all transfer, flight and burial procedures.

Transfer and flight deceased to Israel

Our company has relationships with burial companies all over the world. Also, to perform the procedure we will make sure to get a permit for a burial place from a burial society or any other burial society. It is important to know that an Israeli citizen who is entitled to Social Security will receive a permit for burial in Israel at no cost, while those who are not eligible will be required to purchase a burial plot in Israel. In addition, we will assist in issuing a death certificate on behalf of the Ministry of the Interior and ensure that it is forwarded to the Israeli Embassy for approval of the deceased's flight. We will also handle the entire transfer and flight procedure of the deceased with the help of a proper power of attorney, including collecting all relevant information on the subject, receiving an invitation to fly the deceased to Israel, and contacting family members in Israel. This is in addition to caring for the deceased in accordance with the family members' requests, coordinating the date of transfer and flight, handling flight costs, receiving the coffin at the airport in Israel, organizing a funeral, moving the coffin, and burying the deceased.

Transfer and flight of the deceased from Israel to abroad

We also handle reverse cases, where the body of a deceased person is requested to be transferred and flown from Israel to various destinations abroad. We have extensive experience in transferring the deceased to the United States, Australia, England, France, Brazil, Poland, Sudan, Thailand, Russia, Georgia, India, Canada, China, and more.

Exhumation and transfer to Israel

We are also entrusted with handling cases of exhumation and relocation to Israel for reburial, with unique experience in relocating graves including relocation of entire Jewish cemeteries. This procedure is usually requested by family members who have moved to Israel and want to bring the bodies of their loved ones to Israel as well. This is a complex procedure that we have all the knowledge and tools to perform in accordance with international health laws, state laws abroad and the laws of the State of Israel, as well as in accordance with the requirements of halakhah.

For transfer and flight services for the deceased and to receive more information and professional advice on the subject, leave your details on the company’s website or contact Menucha Laad by phone at 972-3-6872929/ 972-50-521-2464. 

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באבלכם, תנו לנו לדאוג לכל הפרטים והביורוקרטיה,
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