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One of the most difficult moments in a person’s life is the death of a close person, apart from the great sadness and pain that is felt in this moment, the relatives of the deceased are often forced to deal with a lot of complicated bureaucracy. The matter becomes much more complicated when the person dies abroad, and it is necessary to fly the body to Israel and be in contact with many factors to execute the process.

The process of flying a deceased person is a complex process and may also be problematic, it requires great dedication alongside great professionalism and understanding in the field. The process may be even more complex if the deceased is a Jew because then according to Jewish law it is meaningful to bring the deceased for burial urgently and without any delay. This is one of the basic and important principles in Jewish burial.
Many people turn to us to understand the process, we will try to make some order:

How do you get a death certificate?

How do you get a death certificate?

When a person dies abroad, the relevant documents must be taken care of from the country he comes from.
When there is a need to fly a body to Israel from abroad – it is necessary to issue a consular certificate that is relevant to the same country, while in each country the process works a little differently.
Part of the services of Menuch Laad, is the activation of people who work directly with the embassy abroad in order to obtain all the relevant permits including death certificate from abroad. 

When the deceased returns to Israel there is no need for a death certificate issuance process, the body is transferred directly from the airport to the cemetery.

In order to transfer and fly a deceased person from abroad to Israel, a permit must be obtained from a “Kadisha” or other burial company for a burial place. This permit is given free of charge to anyone who is entitled to burial in Israel at the expense of Social Security.


What kind of services do you provide to relatives who want to transfer the deceased to Israel?

  • Receipt of a power of attorney and an invitation to fly the deceased.
  • Obtaining the relevant information regarding the deceased.
  • Receipt of a certificate of burial place in the country (By a burial society or other burial society). 
  • contact the family representative abroad.
  • Giving a power of attorney to handle the transfer of the deceased to Israel.
  • Treatment of the deceased in accordance with the requests of relatives.
  • The necessary treatments before transferring the body: / Purity / Embalming / Dressing of clothes.
  • Coordination of the date of transfer of the deceased (according to the date of the funeral)
  • Receipt of payment for the flight of the deceased to Israel.
  • Receipt of the coffin at Ben-Gurion Airport, transfer of the deceased in a designated vehicle to the burial place and organization of the entire procedure of the funeral and burial.

We have extensive relationships with burial companies all over the world when it comes to flying bodies. Our main idea is courteous, dedicated, and professional service, we make every effort to provide reliable and especially personal and professional service in the field of flying deceased persons from abroad.

If you have a question about a death certificate for a person who has died abroad or any other question, contact Menuch La’ad staff at: +972-3-6872929

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