Exhumation and return to Israel

Exhuming a deceased person from his grave and transferring him for reburial in Israel. This is usually requested by relatives who have decided to live their lives in Israel and want graves of loved ones secure and accessible in Israel.

Transfer of deceased from Israel abroad

First of all, transfer of deceased persons from Israel abroad begins with receiving the case from the family or its representative, and then dealing with the police/hospital/Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Health, or the Abu Kabir Forensic Institute in order to release the deceased for further preparations for transfer abroad.


Transfer of deceased from abroad to Israel

Menuha La'ad ("Eternal Rest") is a company with over 40 years of experience in the transfer of deceased persons from abroad to Israel.
When a relative dies abroad, far from the family, whether Israeli or not, the distance itself constitutes a major problem, resulting in paralysis

העברת נפטרים הטסת נפטרים מנוחה לעד
העברת נפטרים הטסת נפטרים מנוחה לעד
העברת נפטרים הטסת נפטרים מנוחה לעד
העברת נפטרים הטסת נפטרים מנוחה לעד

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