Exhumation and return to Israel

Exhuming a deceased person from his grave and transferring him for reburial in Israel. This is usually requested by relatives who have decided to live their lives in Israel and want graves of loved ones secure and accessible in Israel.

Exhumation requires specialization in several different areas: practical and Halachic aspects, laws of the country of origin, laws of the State of Israel, and international health laws.


The experience accumulated by Menuha La'ad is unique, in light of experience in the transfer of entire Jewish graves, including execution and responsibility for the transfer of soldiers fallen in the Six Day War and Yom Kippur War, and the transfer of many graves from around the world to Israel.

The heavy responsibility involved in such transfer requires professionalism and knowledge of the various types of soil in cemeteries, physiology and anatomy. The different stages in performing a transfer are as follows: A decision by the family, purchase of a place of burial in Israel, giving the company power of attorney, performing the transfer, coordinating the transfer to Israel, and reburial.

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