Burial in Israel

Burial in Israel is conducted by the Jewish religious companies (Kadisha companies) or by burial companies for other faiths. In recent years, secular burial services are available too, managed by civil burial companies, NPOs or LLCs.

The way burial is conducted in Israel differs, if done by Kadisha companies or other burial companies, as far as the nature of the ceremony and the way it is performed. With Kadisha companies, Jewish religious law (Halacha) is the determining factor, whereas with civil or secular burial companies the family determines the nature and process of the ceremony.

Menuha La'ad performs civil funerals in Israel, according to the preferences of the family and the deceased. Service is provided at short notice by the family’s request.

The following describes the differences in the way burial and funerals are dealt with by the two different factors:

Burial company
Hevra Kadisha

The deceased shall be dressed in clothing or any other way determined by the family

The deceased undergoes purification or treatment according to Halacha

Any ceremony determined by the family

Religious ceremony only

Buried in a coffin chosen by the family

Buried in shrouds only

Additional expenses depending on the choice of ceremony and its nature

If the deceased is Israeli, he is entitled to burial and religious ceremony free of charge

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